Agiled Review (2023) Lifetime Deal [$69] Features & Pricing

Agiled Review: Features, Pricing, and Lifetime Deal

Agiled Review: Features, Pricing, and Lifetime Deal

While managing your business manually is too much time-wasting, several tools can help you to manage your business efficiently. Agiled is a kind of all-in-one business app developed mainly for business owners to manage small to large team easily. This business management tool has different advanced features that make it one of the editor’s choices.

Agiled develops an integrated platform where companies can manage all aspects of their operations in one destination. So, you don’t have to waste your time managing your business anymore; this tool will take care of all responsibilities.
So, if you are seeking a prominent business management tool, this one is the way to go through. In this article, I’ll explore all the things about this business process management tool. Continue reading this article and get the best tool to manage your business easily.

What is Agiled?

Agiled is a complete company management platform that can be used to manage staff, projects, as well as tasks, keep track of time, and much more. It provides professional proposals, agreements, project management, human resource management, financial management, and CRM.
Agiled develops an integrated solution where companies or businesses can manage all things of their operations in a single location. Combining all the tools into one place, managing connections and assets in CRM, appointment scheduling, and managing their staff without ever exiting the platform saves organizations time.

Its features include exchanging documents, using project templates to create projects, and completing tasks on schedule. In Agiled CRM, manage your contacts and accounts. Create expert invoices, send quotes, receive and monitor online payments, keep tabs on spending, measure time, generate intelligent reports, add credit notes, and many other things.

Along with Integrate Integration, Zapier Integration, API, as well as Custom Webhooks, Agiled has a number of native Integrations. Overall, it is a powerful and effective tool that can help you manage your business. Let’s explore its key features in detail.

Key Features of Agiled

Agiled is a comprehensive platform for company administration that is ready for white labeling and can be used to handle clients, leads, finances, projects, tasks, staff, and more. You can easily arrange the projects and guarantee on-time delivery thanks to Agiled’s extensive project management features. Let’s take a look at some key features of this business process management tool.

Ease of use

Agile makes it simple and cost-free to register an account. Within minutes, you are operational, and a video introduction teaches you all the essential capabilities immediately. The navigation process is very simple: you move between the various tabs using the vertical strip on the left. Access to the fundamental features and navigation are both pretty simple.
Manage Your Team

Agiled is a perfect HR solution for your company or team. This software lets you manage your employers or team in one place. You can track your employer’s attendance, leaves, and holidays with this business tool. The worker portal allows both employees and coworkers to record time, amend tasks, respond to support requests, mark actual attendance, and request leave.

Contact Management

Agiled Review: Features, Pricing, and Lifetime Deal
Agiled Review: Features, Pricing, and Lifetime Deal


On this software, maintaining contacts is quite simple. You may import your contacts using the program from a variety of sources. Agiled’s online contracts may help you seem professional as well as close more sales more rapidly. Give your contract types so you can quickly categorize them later on and keep them organized.

Agile lets you organize your contacts more effectively once you’ve imported them by utilizing the categories in the column on the right. When you require to take some action on a certain contact group, these filters make it easy and efficient to traverse through your client information.
Project Management
Project management is challenging, especially if you have a big staff and also no software to monitor their progress. Agiled has all the tools you really have to manage current projects effectively and satisfy your clients. Utilize project templates that are customizable to get started fast and development tasks.

All of your tasks, responsibilities, and milestones may be started and managed on a single dashboard, or you can construct various processes and automation systems to save a great deal of time. Collaboration and fulfilling deadlines are now more straightforward than ever, thanks to the dashboard’s progress monitoring, file sharing, as well as time logging tools.

Manage Clients and Leads

You can manage your clients, leads, and tickets with the aid of the comprehensive CRM system offered by Agiled. Install a client portal so you may work on projects with your clients. Manage leads as well as clients in one location, and welcome your customers with a customer portal that is White Label enabled.

With Agiled CRM, you can provide each of your client’s access to a personal portal where they can view all the projects, bills, contracts, tasks, and communications. They are able to make support tickets as well. You can easily see the bills you’ve sent them, the joint projects you’ve worked on, and the agreements you’ve made.
A lot of Integrations
One of the amazing features of the Agiled business management tool is that it has a lot of integrations. YES! This all-in-one business software is integrated with multiple tools like HubSpot, Zohobooks, QuickBooks, and Calendly.

This tool has also been integrated with Stripe as well as Paypal. To keep all your prospect data in one location, the platform also provides Zapier, customized webhooks, Integromat connection, limitless custom fields for accounts, and contacts.
Proposal Templates
With their simple drag-and-drop proposal generator, you can easily create professional proposals. There are pre-made proposal templates available in Agiled’s proposal builder. 400+ pre-made blocks are included in Agiled’s proposal builder, which makes it simple to generate proposals. These templates may be imported with a single click.

Agiled Pros and Cons

⦁ It includes everything you need to manage business
⦁ It comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface
⦁ The developer team offers exclusive customer support
⦁ This tool offers the best value for money

⦁ It needs some improvement in some functions
⦁ The project management aspect is quite awkward.
Agiled Pricing and Plans
Agiled all-in-one business software comes with extensive pricing and plans options. This tool comes with four several plans with different pricing. Its pricing and plans are straightforward.

Plans Pricing [Monthly] Best ForSOLO Plan $7 SOLO plan is best for individual or a single person
STARTER Plan $15 STARTER plan is best for small team with up to 5 members
PREMIUM Plan $45 PREMIUM Plan is best for medium team with up to 10 members
BUSINESS Plan $79 BUSINESS Plan is best for larger team with up to 15 members

Agiled Lifetime Deal at AppSumo

Agiled Lifetime
Agiled Lifetime

So, are you interested in using Agiled to manage your business more effectively? The good news is that Agiled is now available at AppSumo for a lifetime deal. Yes! AppSumo offers an Agiled all-in-one business application for sale with a lifetime deal.

AppSumo offers several lifetimes plans for Agiled software. Their pricing starts from $59. You can purchase AppSumo Agiled single plan at $59, and it is much like the STARTER Plan. However, the AppSumo Agiled Double Plan is available at $138, and it is much like BUSINESS Plan. AppSumo Agiled Multiple Plan is available from $207 to $690.
Wrap Up

Agiled is a comprehensive business management tool that can be used to manage staff, projects, and activities, as well as to monitor time. It will help you to generate professional contracts, keep tabs on spending, and issue bills that are more likely to be paid on time. Agiled develops an integrated solution where companies can manage each and every aspects of the operations in a single location. So, if you are looking for powerful business management software, Agiled is the perfect way to go through.


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