Apps like Whisper: 11 Best Alternatives in 2023

Apps like Whisper

If you are looking for the best apps like Whisper, you are in the right place.  People have a desire for communication and the ability to reveal their secrets. It is a part of our psychology because it might sometimes be difficult to approach our friends for support. Whisper is one of the popular platforms that fulfill this demand.

Not only Whisper but there are also other several apps like Whisper is becoming very demandable anonymous social media apps. In the constantly linked and public internet society we live in, these applications offer a feeling of security and anonymity that can be difficult to find.

You may interact with strangers as well as share your secrets on these social networking platforms. In this article, I’m going to explore some of the best anonymous apps like Whisper. So, continue browsing this article, choose the best application and enjoy!

A Comprehensive Overview of Whisper

Whisper is an Android, IOS-friendly, free-to-use mobile app where none can know about your real identity. You can text, post, and send photos or videos totally anonymously. Whispers amazing secret messaging feature makes it one of the most well-known anonymous chatting apps all over the world.

According to some earliest research, up to 30 million people are using it. As a part of high privacy, any user can easily block other users at any time. No violence is allowed in the Whisper Community Standard.  You can express yourself as you want, and it won’t drive your work crazy like other social media.

Top 11 Best Apps like Whisper

Application Name Users User Rating Get This App More Than 10M 4.3 out of 5 Download App
Tellonym More Than 10M 4.3 out of 5 Download App
Holla More Than 10M 4.3 out of 5 Download App
ASKfm More Than 50M 4.0 out of 5 Download App
Curious Cat More Than 1M 4.3 out of 5 Download App
MeetMe More Than 50M 3.4 out of 5 Download App
Stranger chat More Than 500K 4.0 out of 5 Download App
Chatous More Than 50M 3.6 out of 5 Download App
Anonymous Chat More Than 5M 3.9 out of 5 Download App
Friend Shoulder More Than 1M 3.9 out of 5 Download App
Yik Yak More Than 100K 3.0 out of 5 Download App is the first app on this list of the 11 Best Whisper Alternatives. is recognized as one of the top Whisper application alternatives. The software may be used on both iOS and Android-powered devices. To begin using the app to connect with new people, just install it, open it, and enter your private information.

Best Apps like Whisper

You can’t be able to use this app until you are a registered user. The disadvantage of this app is you can’t upload your photos privately. Everyone can see it whenever they will visit your account. Again, you can’t complete your payment methods secretly. You can simply give a fake name if you don’t want to reveal your name.



Since the Tellonym app hides your friends’ identities, it claims to be the most honest site on the internet. You can provide your friends with the link to your profile, as well as they can send you hundreds of genuine anonymous messages. You can recreate your responses and share them with others on your profile.

Best Apps like Whisper

You can Follow your friends and take part in the conversation at the same time. This app is mainly popular with teens. Their teenage urge to be curious brings them here. But it can sometimes be a heinous decision for them. Because at this age, they can be more impulsive, and their behavior can continuously change. This app can bring out a terrible situation for both teens and their parents.



Holla is one of the best whisper like apps that you can use. If you are eager to video chat with random people, holla app is for you, where you can easily live stream across the world. You can try 1 to 1 conversations with anyone in your preferred languages. There are a plethora of users of this Whisper Alternative social video chat application all over the world who are ready to meet new people and form connections.

Best Apps like Whisper

The unique feature of this app is the moderator of this app is very concerned and instantly removes vulgarity from any users. Thus, users can feel safe, secure, and comfortable here. If the person you are talking with does not know your language, this app will translate your talks through his language and make it very clear to understand.



Askfm is an entertaining and engaging anonymous chat application that allows you to ask questions anonymously. You may create a profile on ASKfm as well as post questions as yourself or anonymously. Ask and respond to inquiries from persons you know or others around you. Additionally, you are completely anonymous while commenting on other people’s postings.

Best Apps like Whisper

Users of the app can ask questions at any moment and receive a long list of replies, among other exciting features. You may check the total number of responses, gifts, and likes you’ve gotten and receive a notification when someone responds. It supports various languages due to make it more continent for users. However, users demand more features to add.


Curious Cat

If you are searching for an app for Q&A, this curious Cat is only for you. You can ask unlimited anonymous questions without worries and feeling any awkwardness. You can also follow other users. So, if you are looking for an app like whisper, you will never search for an alternative after using this app.

Best Apps like Whisper

By enabling users to build profiles and collaborate based on their hobbies, the app makes it easy to meet people who share your interests. Almost 70% of people rated the Curious Cat app 5 stars. I’ll recommend you give this app a try. Generally, this app works by answering questions and replying to other users’ questions, like Whisper.



With MeetMe, a fascinating program comparable to Whisper, you may meet new people and explore a whole new universe. Though you can use the MeetMe app for free, you can also use a premium subscription. The features are great and give you quality live-streaming shows. The nearby users can be found easily here.

Best Apps like Whisper

Furthermore, the hectic thing is a lot of fake profiles enter this app which hampers other users. Technical issues are spontaneously found in this app where the customer supporters teams need to be connected to touch. This slow response from them makes users unlikely to use this app.


Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms is another totally free-of-cost, good privacy setup based on anonymous chat apps. One can easily open a chat room and express their inner feelings towards anyone. To make this app enjoyable to look at, app founders keep some anonymous avatars that you must include when you open your account, along with your username.

Best Apps like Whisper

Huge collections of themes are also provided; you can set them to your chat rooms according to your relationship status with strangers. You can open various chat rooms also to share your thoughts or hobbies with people. It’s secure, and you can change the password and username frequently. Hence, there will not exist fear of disclosing your own recognition.


Stranger chat

Like Whisper, Stranger chat can connect you to the people you want to connect with. You can make a new friend and approach your thoughts with a stranger. Users can connect with people and converse while keeping anonymous thanks to this popular social networking application.

Best Apps like Whisper

This app like Whisper will automatically connect you to the people near your locality. You can add friends with only one tap. The best thing about this app is the application. Its protected privacy won’t let every single user watch your activities. You can set the privacy settings for who can see your profile. Moreover, your chats won’t last long. It will delete automatically after some days.



Chatous is one of the best apps like Whisper and this app is a high-rated social networking app. Most teens use it as a dating app. Though after the age of 17, teens can use this app. Age verification is not included in their privacy feature, so anyone can access this site. It’s too easy to use this app, changing usernames and illustrating talent without any restrictions.

Best Apps like Whisper

You can also search for communication through hashtags. You can meet thousands of personalities every day. The more you connect with people, the more you can know about different things. You are cordially invited to show your skill to people from similar likes.


Friend Shoulder 

Friend shoulder is another best app like Whisper. If you are feeling lonely and depressed when you really crave a shoulder, the Friend Shoulder app is a perfect choice, in this case. It’s difficult to express yourself to known people. So, here you can easily interact anonymously, can seek help and attention.

Best Apps like Whisper

There are different categories in this app so that you can select your preferable categories and find out people in your category.  This app will present a 100% secret identity of yours. Not only that, but proper socialism will also make you feel less lonely. So, why late to engage with more people from this app?


Yik Yak

Yik Yak is another best Whisper Alternative that you can use instead of Whisper. This app will connect you to people who are just 5 meters away from you. The app is also easy to install on your android and IOS devices. It gives users the option to communicate with neighbors anonymously by sending quick messages and photos.

Best Apps like Whisper

This app has a ‘peek’ option by which you can simply see other people’s responses to numerous events. Instead of like and unlike options, it has a vote and unvotes options. This app has different emojis to portray your reactions. Nevertheless, ultimate security cannot be assured here.


The FAQs

Is Whisper truly an anonymous Application?

YES! Whisper is truly an anonymous social media platform. By concatenating text on an image, users publish confessions, whether they are true or false. Whisper’s distinctive selling feature is its total anonymity; customers are assigned a random moniker when they sign up.

Is Curious Cat paid survey?

Curious Cat is an entertaining way to get rewarded for users’ opinions and get additional money during downtime. The latest matching algorithm is indeed the cat’s whiskers since it finds the most engaging paid surveys, polls, as well as market research for you, allowing you to earn rewards even more quickly.

What is the private way to text?

If you want to chat in the most confidential way possible, think about using a messaging service that supports end-to-end encryption. End-to-end data encryption the interactions unintelligible to anybody but the intended receivers in order to protect the privacy of your communications.


Wrap Up

Whisper is among the most well-known anonymous social networking apps. It has recently gained a great deal of attention. On the internet, there are many additional anonymous apps. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Whisper, this content may help you a lot. Here I have shared 11 amazing whisper like apps. So, choose the best option for you, enjoy it, make fun and suggest other people use it. I hope this article will help you unconditionally.


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