FeedBear Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal at $99

FeedBear AppSumo Lifetime Deal

FeedBear is the best way to collect customer feedback. This tool will facilitate your job and encourage clients to hear you out clearly. You may share your work and acquire the necessary comments by using the FeedBear roadmap. You may vote and applaud your comments in the tool reviews to put yourself in a more approachable position.

When you read the comments provided by the program, you are given the option to respond to how your customer thinks about the product. This program will enable you to communicate with your customers as quickly as possible. As previously said, it will assist you in organizing your workload. Get the FeedBear AppSumo deal and get more customer feedback today!

What Is FeedBear?

Feedbear is one of the best customer feedback collection tools that help you get feedback from your users. You’ll be able to higher perceive what they like and don’t like through this feedback. Thus you’ll be able to improve your product, gain their trust, and build higher relationships with customers. All the feedback that users give is integrated into a central dashboard.

This tool offers them the flexibility to simply share feedback, ideas and bug reports, and you’ll be able to get all the knowledge in one place. you recognize what to order as a result they will vote and treat what’s most vital to them. This customer feedback management software could be a very easy-to-use and easy tool within the market, conjointly options are wonderful.

You’ll use the Roadmap feature to let everybody grasp what you’re acting on and the way you’re progressing. FeedBear’s Changelog permits you to announce the newest updates and options you’ve free. Get all the ideas, where they are available from, then specialize in what extremely matters to create a more robust product. You can simply create the correct product and create your customers feel valued and detected.

Key Features of FeedBear

This powerful customer feedback collection tool comes with a lot of advanced and exclusive features that make it one of the best AppSumo Lifetime Deal 2022. Let’s take a look at the key features of this amazing tool.

All feedback in one place

Does one grasp what your customers truly want? You’ll be able to offer everybody an opportunity to create their voice detected and collect ideas and feedback. Collect and manage client feedback tired one place. It’s crucial to understand what your clients want and to offer them an opportunity to speak up. You may enhance your business by gathering suggestions, feature requests, and consumer feedback in one location.

Automatic duplicate detection

There’s an inventory of short text snippets with inexperienced checkmarks ahead of you. choice plays a giant half in what we have a tendency to order. If plenty of individuals ar choice for one thing, which will get USA the next ranking. it’s one thing that our users ar asked to try to to.

Share a roadmap

FeedBear Review

A product roadmap is a source of truth that is used by all parties to describe a product’s long-term goals, objectives, and progress. You’ll be able to inform your clients of your advancement. As soon as you start using your product, automatic standing updates are delivered.

Send automatic notifications

FeedBear can apprise your users once they create progress on their requests. plenty is added  to the column in wants Your Opinion so as to urge folks to act with it. It’s fascinating to envision however willing folks ar to lend a hand. they’re terribly useful and sort.

Publish a Changelog

Any modifications to your product, regardless matter how little or unimportant they may seem, should be disclosed. Keeping your clients informed will increase their likelihood of sticking around and utilizing your goods.

Improve retention

Keep users from churning by ensuring they’re tuned in to the newest options you’ve shipped. FeedBear encompasses a nice UI, it’s fast, and has all the core options you’ll would like from a user feedback tool.

How Does FeeBear Work?

Organize many sources of suggestions, criticism, and feature requests inside one spot. Organize concepts using boards and tags, then utilize conversations to get to the heart of the issue. Allow team members and users to vote on the greatest suggestions. Use automated email updates regarding status changes to keep everyone informed.

FeedBear Review

Use this customer feedback generation software to build a community around a public strategy. This collecting customer feedback method lets you display your current projects and upcoming plans. Never fail to notice product changes! Utilize this customer feedback collection tool to keep your consumers informed about product updates. Create updates with media incorporates, rich text, and photos.

Why Should You Use FeedBear?

Consider using the feed bar to assist you quickly comprehending your customers’ opinions when you need their comments. It expedites the feedback process for your team and speeds up development. Additionally, it informs your users about updates and the launch of the label marketplaces.

The marketing staff will assist you in using the goods and keeping track of client retention. FeedBear will help you make your board better. This exclusive platform will provide your customer with insightful feedback, simplifying your task for you.

FeedBear Pricing and Plans

FeedBear comes with 4 different plans with different pricing. The pricing is started from $29 per month. So, you can go for any plan according to your using purpose.

FeedBack Pricing and Plans

Features included in all plans.

  • Unlimited announcements in your Changelog
  • Private projects
  • Automatic email status updates
  • Integrations with Zapier, Intercom, and Slack
  • Automatic email follow-ups
  • Roadmap
  • Changelog
  • Custom statuses, branding, and domains
  • Custom CCS
  • Social login
  • Website widget
  • Single sign-on
  • Private projects

FeedBear Appsumo Lifetime Deal

It is simple to compile feature requests, problem complaints, and other customer reviews from consumers using FeedBear, a user feedback service. Get user feedback on your product portfolio and use it to order feature requests in order of popularity. Additionally, it enables you to provide a public roadmap as well as a changelog, enabling clients to offer suggestions and assist your company.

AppSumo offers a lifetime deal for this powerful customer feedback tool. Now you can purchase a lifetime subscription for this software at an affordable price from the AppSumo platform. AppSumo offers different plans with different pricing tags for this software. FeedBear AppSumo Lifetime Deal starts from $99 which is really affordable to get!


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Feedbear is a wonderful tool. victimization FeedBear you’ll be able to get feedback directly from your customers. victimization this feedback you’ll be able to improve your user’s expertise. you must share updates and enhancements with your audience. this is often a good thanks to positive that} you’re unendingly rising your product and reaching resolute your users to create sure that they’re proud of what you’ve designed if you’re trying to find a feedback tool to assist you to create your product higher.

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