Keysearch review 2023: Powerful Keyword Research Tool

Keysearch review

In this Keysearch Review, I’m going to discuss a cost-effective keyword research tool solution name Keysearch. Are you looking for an affordable keyword research tool solution? Keysearch is an inexpensive yet powerful keyword research tool that can help you to find potential keywords.

It is a simple and easy-to-use keyword finder tool. You can research keywords in a professional way with this tool. This keyword research tool comes with a lot of effective and exclusive features that make it one of the best keyword research tools, among others.

In this article, I’ll explore each and every feature of this tool in detail. So, continue reading this article if you are seeking an affordable yet powerful keyword research tool.

Keysearch review: An overview of the Keysearch tool

Keysearch is a simple yet powerful keyword research tool that was launched in 2015. It is an affordable tool that lets you analyze keywords as well as check SEO difficulty for your keywords. We all know how important it is to get potential keywords for our website SEO. This tool can help you to drive powerful and potential keywords.

Keysearch SEO tool comes with different advanced and exclusive features that make it one of the most popular tools among others. This powerful tool offers each and every feature that you may need to research potential keywords for your content. It is helpful for developing tactics to outwit your rivals.

Most importantly, using it is extremely simple. You may start utilizing the Keysearch tool to uncover high-performing keywords in your field, even if you’re a total newbie. In terms of keysearch pricing, it offers a straightforward price tag. Overall, Keysearch can do everything for you to enhance your SEO performance.

Keysearch Review: Key Features

Keysearch keyword researching tool comes with several exclusive and professional features. You can do in-depth keyword research, analyze your competitors, track rank for your keyword, and much more with this tool. So, let’s explore the key features of this prominent keyword research tool.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Keysearch Keyword research tool can assist you in researching potential keywords. Researching high-performing keywords with this tool is too simple. All you have to do to begin going is type a seed keyword into the search bar. This tool will provide you with all data about this keyword, including search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC as well as PPC.

keysearch review

In essence, there are already a number of front-page search results for each phrase. Keysearch evaluates such search results to assess how challenging it will be to outperform them. You’ll be aiming for the least competition score and biggest volume. It also gives you a bunch of suggested keyword lists that you can use for your upcoming blog post.

Competition Analyze

With the click of a button and the Keysearch tool, you can quickly and thoroughly analyze the competitors. Their advanced system employs a number of on-page and off-page ranking elements to offer you precise keyword difficulty ratings that are expressed as single numbers.

keysearch review

Additionally, it provides thorough search results on the first page. It may also be used to check competition in bulk for a large number of keywords on the research page. The batch keyword difficulty tester allows you to paste any list of keywords, which is much better.

SERP Analyze

Keysearch offers the top of search engine results depending on the term in the search tab, just as other well-known keyword tools. The top web pages that are currently showing up for the chosen keywords make up the whole list below. You may use this information to determine the DA as well as the PA of your competitors.

keysearch review

On this page, you can observe how some websites with lesser domain authorities are nonetheless able to appear in the top search results. This is fantastic news since it gives even newly launched websites a chance to rank for this keyword. You can see approximately how many backlinks your rivals have to each post.

Backlink Checker

The Keysearch backlink analyzer is a really helpful tool; thus, it came as a surprise to our agency when we joined up and saw that it included backlink analysis tools to quickly and easily show the total domain authority of a site. These are nonetheless quite good and are useful for immediately examining your competitor’s backlink profile, even if they are not as sophisticated as competitors like Ahrefs.

Keysearch review

We frequently use the software to locate new topics to invest in and to assess whether to enter a certain niche. Enter a domain or URL and then choose whether to analyze the full domain or a specific URL. The keysearch tool will provide you with details about the URL.

LSI Keyword Research

LSI keywords are those that are contextually and semantically related to the primary term you’re targeting in your article. LSI keywords, to put it simply, are terms or keyword combinations that Google correlates with your primary keyword.

keysearch review

Finding LSI keywords for any topic is easy and quick with the free LSI keyword tool above. This gets you going by returning results as quickly as possible using our fundamental LSI finding technique. Make sure to register for a Keysearch membership in order to utilize the more sophisticated tools detailed below if you want a more in-depth examination of LSI keywords.

Content Assistant

One other fantastic Keysearch function is the content assistant. Using this new functionality, you may add relevant keywords to your current material. Many bloggers and content producers do not take advantage of this function. The Keysearch content helper tool enables you to create an outline for your upcoming blog article.

The content helper will display the average number of words associated with a given term or topic when you enter it. Additionally, a list of suggested LSI keywords for the content is displayed. You may create an outline for a forthcoming blog article that is SEO-optimized using these recommendations.

Rank Trucking

You may enter keywords per URL using the Rank Tracker tool, and Keysearch will track their ranks over time. The function is quite helpful, especially if you’ve written some articles using both broad and specific keywords. You may use it to gauge how these articles are performing over time.

This gives you the choice of either optimizing the content or letting Google handle it. This makes things simpler because you won’t have to constantly go to Google each day to check on the progress of your chosen keywords.

Youtube Keyword Research

For individual who wants to improve their YouTube game, this tool is great. You may quickly and simply uncover keywords for YouTube using the YouTube keyword research tool. You may refine your terms, examine Google search volume, and make your custom lists of keywords with this tool.

Keysearch Review

The top 10 videos on YouTube, together with their statistics and difficulty ratings, are displayed in the competition analysis section of YouTube. This makes it simple to understand how challenging it will be for the keyword to rank on YouTube. Keysearch SEO tool performs almost like the Keyword Research tool.

Keysearch review: Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy-to-use keyword research tool
  • Analyze your competitor and keyword rank
  • Make your content more optimized with this tool
  • Affordable yet powerful keyword research tool


  • Keysearch has no live support option

Keysearch review: Pricing and Plan

Keysearch SEO keyword research tool offers cost-effective and straightforward pricing compared to other keyword research tools. Although it is affordable in price, it has no lack in terms of advanced features and functionalities. It comes with every feature and function that a professional deserves from a keyword research tool. So, let’s take a look at its pricing and plan.

Free Trial

One of the amazing things about the keysearch tool is that it offers a free trial to use. You don’t have to add a credit card to activate this free trial. However, the free trial has some limitations in terms of features and functions. You can search only 5 keywords per day with this trial. The free trial also lets you access YouTube Research, API Access, and Content Assistant.

Starter Plan

To eliminate the limitation of the free plan, you can use the starter plan, which is the most cost-effective plan of this tool. The starter plan lets you search and analyze 200 keywords per day. By subscribing to this membership, you can also track 50 keywords rank per day. It also gives you access to competitive analysis.

Pro Plan

If you are a professional SEO specialist and need to search much more keywords, then the Pro plan is only for you. The Pro plan lets you search and analyze up to 500 keywords. You can also track 150 keywords rank per day by subscribing to this membership. Like the starter plan, this plan also gives you access to the Competitive Analysis function.

Keysearch Review

Keysearch Pricing Summary

Plan Name Search per day Rank Track Price per Month Price per Year
Free Plan 5 0 $0 $0
Starter Plan 200 50 $17 $169
Pro Plan 500 150 $34 $279

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Is Keysearch Tool Worth it?

It’s definitely worthwhile, in my opinion, to use Keysearch to find the best and most potential keywords and even to make use of the other capabilities to increase your organic traffic. Start small by paying monthly or even annually to save extra money. When compared to other keyword research tools that are currently accessible, this tool is quite cheap.

Other tools, both free and paid, have been utilized by me to research keywords. This powerful tool can provide you each and every function that you need to research potential keywords. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective keyword research tool solution, you should try Keysearch SEO Tool.

Wrap Up

Keysearch is the best option if you’re searching for a cheap keyword research tool. This tool is perfect for bloggers, small businesses, and builders of specialized websites since it offers all you want for affordable keyword research as well as competitor analysis.

Even if you’ve never done keyword research, you can get started immediately because it’s so simple to use. You may use a variety of tutorials to get the most out of each tool, as well as a beginner-friendly SEO crash course.

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