Leadrocks Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal 2023

Do you wish to expand your B2B business? Do you anticipate potential clients on a regular basis? Leadrocks is the one and only answer to all these questions. Leadrocks is an excellent option if you’re seeking high-quality leads for your company or business. This tool can provide you with potential leads.

It is too challenging to find out potential customers manually. However, this best b2b contact database makes this task easier. This program makes it simple to locate the ideal leads for your excitable approach. You may acquire relevantly elevated leads for your company with only a few clicks. It makes the lead-generating task more cost-effective as well as time-saving.

You may reduce the time and expense of your outreach activities by using this powerful tool. In this Leadrocks Review, I’m going to discuss everything about this powerful B2B contact database tool in detail. So, continue browsing this article to know all the facts about this software.

Leadrocks Review: What is It?

A trustworthy B2B contact database provider is LeadRocks. It has some of the most valued contacts within one of the most prospective B2B contact databases. Finding the ideal leads for your excitable outreach is simple with this lead generation software. You can locate the excellent contacts for your requirements in their database, which has more than 100 million entries.

LeadRocks expedites the whole lead creation process for its clients. The accuracy of the data is this tool’s key benefit. The majority of the B2B connection database suffers from a contact issue. However, this tool outperforms them all since it may provide you access to live connections. I believe it is now appropriate for you to learn more things about this tool.

How Do Leadrocks Work?

Leadrocks is an internet tool that helps businesses find and connect with potential customers. It’s an excellent tool for small companies who want to make their products and services more visible. The process of creating a powerful online presence and starting to advertise your business is made simple with this tool. You may use this software to find new customers by doing searches for certain words or hobbies.

Connecting with potential customers who could be interested in the product or service is an excellent strategy for businesses. Because this tool is easy to use, you can start promoting your business right now. Customers may quickly discover the products and services they require this way.

Key Features of Leadrocks

This powerful tool comes with different exclusive and advanced features that make it one of the best lead generation tools, among others. So, let’s take a look at the key features of this tool.


By using the search function, you may look up people’s contact details. Obtain precise and valuable contact information for your prospecting requirements. The search option has five filters. To find people that fit a very particular description, you may apply one or more filters.

Leadrocks Prospecting

You may narrow down your search to only the right folks by doing this. You may choose the “New only” checkbox to limit your search results to only potential leads that you haven’t already opened or added to your list.

LeadRocks Lists

This tool has excellent listing functionality. Your contact outcome can be saved to a whole new list. The results of the enrichment can also be saved to a new list. It helps you organize your contact list effectively. A well-organized contact list is always helpful and increases your productivity.

Leadrocks List

You can preserve your data in LeadRocks, so don’t worry if you’re concerned about storage. Additionally, CVS files can be downloaded. To boost your prospecting activity, upload your CSV file to the CRM or even another automation tool.

LeadRocks Enrichment

To engage as well as convert more prospects, thousands of salespeople have utilized the LeadRocks suite of company lead-generating solutions. Integrating their information into their CRM also guarantees that they will meet their quota and improve the success of their generating leads.

Leadrocks Enrichment

Use Leadrocks’ recommended values or provide your own to filter the results. The person’s LinkedIn profile, contact information, and email address will be added to the data that the advertiser supplies over the API. Additionally, you may export your enhanced list to a CSV or save outcomes in LeadRocks.

Why should you use this B2B contact data generation tool?

LeadRocks B2B lead tool assists internet marketers in interacting with and converting website visitors into leads. It is an effective tool for lead creation that enables marketers to efficiently use their resources and time and concentrate on what matters most. This b2b lead generating solution called assists you to lead prospecting, lead enrichment, and lead acquisition.

LeadRocks was created to assist marketers in streamlining the lead generation process for the sales department. It is made to generate more leads with the much more amount of work possible. It offers solutions for CRM interfaces, enables marketers to export information in a CSV file, and aids users in swiftly building the best b2b contact database.

Leadrocks Review: Pros and Cons


Easy to use tool that makes it perfect for beginners

This tool offers an extension for chrome for LinkedIn

This lead generation tool provides the most authentic data

The support team offers 24/7 excellent customer support


This lead generation tool lacks filtering options.

Leadrocks Review: Pricing and Plans

Leadrocks offer very straightforward pricing with multiple plans. Yes! This tool comes with five different plans with different pricing, and it includes a free plan. Since it has numerous plans with different pricing, you can choose any plan based on your needs. So, let’s take a look at the pricing and plans of this powerful lead generation tool.

Leadrocks Pricing

Plans Credit per month Pricing per month
Free plan 50 $0
Starter Plan 1000 $29
Growth Plan 5000 $145
Professional Plan 10000 $290
Enterprise Plan 20000 $580


Leadrocks Lifetime Deal at AppSumo

LeadRocks is fantastic since it relieves you of the need to perform manual lead-generating tasks, such as locating the appropriate individuals to contact and storing their contact details in the database. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to stay in touch with acquaintances. Lead generation professionals may simply be replaced with this solution, a wonderful tool for sales teams.

If you want to use this lead generation solution, you can use it free. However, the free version offers only 50 credits that are just a show. So, you have to subscribe to a paid plan to use it professionally. However, purchasing this software for the long term from the official website is too expensive.

Leadrocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Check Price

So, what if you will get this tool for a lifetime at an affordable price? Why not? AppSumo gives this opportunity only to you. Yes! LeadRocks is available at AppSumo to purchase with a lifetime license. AppSumo offers this tool to buy at an affordable price with a lifetime deal.

  • Access to a database of 100 million or more B2B contacts
  • Your account will receive 5000 credits each month.
  • Browse by job title, employer name or website, place, sector, or team size.
  • Adding emails, contact numbers, and other details to LinkedIn URLs
  • Keeping contact details in LeadRocks listings
  • Export of enhanced records and discovered data to a CSV
  • online chat assistance. Free access to webinars and guides

Wrap Up

Leadrocks is one of the leading best b2b contact database providing tools, among others on this platform. Using this tool, you can generate potential leads quickly and within a moment. With this powerful tool, your outreach initiatives will be more cost-effective and time-saving. This software is a great option if you’re seeking elevated leads for your company. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for this tool, then you should consider AppSumo Lifetime Deal for this tool.

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