Mailtimer Review: Best Countdown timer tool Appsumo Deal at $49

Mailtimer Review

Are you willing to boost your overall sales, conversions, as well as click-through rates? Searching for a good email productivity tool? Look no any than Mailtimer! This app permits users to schedule “timer” emails that may mechanically send at a later time. This can be good for those times after you have to be compelled to get a great deal of labor done.

However, don’t have the time to sit down and write out an extended email. Plus, this powerful and versatile tool is implausibly cheap, therefore you can’t get it wrong with this feature. In this article, I’ll go through all the details about this powerful and versatile tool. So, continue browsing this article to know more about this software.

What is Mailtimer?

Mailtimer is a helpful tool for making engaging countdown timers that increase your sales, engagements, as well as click-through rates. You may make timers for your customers that are both interesting and practical by making them simple to use and navigate. You’ll be able to produce timers for your email campaigns, website, or social media posts with this amazing tool.

Mailtimer Review

It helps you create reckoning timers that encourage users to act currently or risk missing out. With this countdown timer software, you’ll be able to produce custom-made reckoning timers that may facilitate boosting your sales, conversions, and click-on-through rates. you’ll be able to select the length of the timer, the color, and even the message that seems once expired.

Mailtimer Review: Key Feature

Mailtimer is intended with simplicity and easy use in mind, therefore you’ll be able to effortlessly produce stunning timers. This countdown timer tool comes with several advanced features and functionalities. Let’s explore the key features of this tool.

Boost your revenue

With Mailtimer’s assistance, you may persuade potential customers to act. Create countdown clocks to encourage consumers to act right away or end up missing out. You may interact with different email timelines for potential clients in this way to feel more empowered.

Mailtimer Review

Engage your customers

It becomes easier for you to increase your website’s traffic the more you engage with the visitor. Make sure to give your campaign some life with an eye-interactive countdown. By doing this, you will improve your site’s clickthrough rate and clickthrough rate. More traffic must be attracted so that it converts to actual buyers.

Mailtimer Review

No design skills required

It’s easier to make an email countdown timer, and you do not need to waste time hunting for a particular designer. You can manage it, though. You don’t need to be an experienced designer to use Mailtimer, nor do you need to employ one. You may customize it more simpler and with help from the pre-made templates.

Mailtimer Review

Easy as copy and paste

In order to avoid making establishing Mailtimer more difficult, it was developed in people’s heads. A timer is simple to operate and doesn’t take much time. Select the template you want, set the expiration date, and then just copy and paste the created snippet into any email template. To ensure everything goes as planned, set the date and attempt to copy and paste the template.

Mailtimer Review

Why do you have to Use Mailtimer?

You don’t need to be puzzled even if you are competent since Mailtimer was designed to simplify your business simple. It encourages users to require action currently and buy from you. You can set the date timer as you would like consistent with your schedule.

Since this pre-template allows for a great deal of flexibility, there is no need to hire additional image editors or independent contractors to construct a countdown timer. There is everything you need in one location to make striking timers. Just drag and drop objects.

There is no requirement for extra image editors or independent contractors to create a countdown timer because there are so many editable pre-templates already available. To create countdown timers from a single spot, drag & drop is required.

Mailtimer Review: Pricing and Plans

Mailtimer comes with several plans with different pricing tags. This tool has a free plan that is totally free to use without any cost. However, the free plan has some limitations in features and functionalities. So, if you feel that the free plan is not able to meet all your needs, you can subscribe to any paid package depending on your purpose and needs.

Mailtimer Pricing and Plans


Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You don’t need any design knowledge with Mailtimer to make stunning, expert-looking timers for any marketing campaign. Select the appearance and feel you want from a variety of pre-made templates, or build your own timer from start.

Now AppSumo offers a lifetime deal for this countdown timer tool. AppSumo Mailtimer is available at an affordable price with lifetime access. This software will cost you around $49 for a lifetime license.

Mailtimer AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Get Mailtimer Lifetime Deal at $49

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When trying to make a countdown timer, you’ve got to recollect numerous things which will assist you in boosting your business. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while making a new countdown timer. There is no better tool than a Mailtimer for building interactive email campaigns.

I went into great depth about why you should utilize it for your company since it will quickly increase sales. If you’re still unsure, you may utilize the free version of this countdown timer tool to assist you in making a decision.


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