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Are you seeking a complete marketing solution that will assist you in starting targeted advertising in seconds? Markopolo AI is a popular marketing solution that allows you to concentrate on what is most to your company while saving money and freeing up more time. You will be able to run advertisements across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, as well as Google Search with the help of this tool.

Markopolo AI is a platform that employs AI to handle social media as well as search ad campaigns. Markopolo enables you to attach each advertisement to a channel while managing advertising for hundreds of businesses at once. I’ll explore everything about this powerful marketing tool. So, stay with us and explore if you are looking for a prominent marketing solution.

What is Markopolo AI?

Campaign management and ad budget optimization are managed by Markopolo AI software, which is an amazing AI marketing assistant. The program provides tools for producing text for your advertisements and calculating advertising expenditure returns. Reaching your target audience will be much easier. You may manage the paid advertising channels and discover your audience with its assistance.

You may make sure that your communication is seen by the individuals who are most inclined to be interested in developing engaging content and utilizing this tool’s extensive targeting capabilities. Gain campaign intelligence to streamline procedures. Small and medium businesses, as well as marketers, use the software. If you don’t have a significant budget to do tests or the necessary skills, it is a great tool to simplify the process of putting up adverts.

Key Features of Markopolo AI

Markopolo AI Comes with a bench of advanced and exclusive features. Let’s take a look at the features of this amazing Campaign management tool.

Audience Intelligence

By providing precise information about your audience, this technology aids you in connecting with the proper individuals. The Markopolo artificial intelligence engine has examined over 800 million distinct Advertising Identification from 200 marketplaces in this scenario. Additionally, the information is categorized depending on demographics and cell phone usage patterns.

Markopolo AI

This program classifies Web visitors into the appropriate group based on their demographics, interests, and purchasing intentions. The Al program can identify the sponsored advertisements that will result in sales. Additionally, the viewership statistics exceeded the Nielsen DAR’s threshold by up to 50%.

Improve Conversion Rate

Tracking the expansion of company reach, connection, and conversion is crucial for company owners. By doing this, you may gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and plans (ROI). Reach, interaction, as well as conversion tracking may be done in a variety of ways.

Utilizing Google Analytics is one option. Google Analytics can indicate the number of visitors to your website, their average session length, and the pages they are viewing. Your marketing efforts’ efficacy is evaluated using this data.

Utilizing analytics on social media is another approach to monitoring reach, engagement, as well as conversion. Social media statistics may reveal how many users view your posts, interact with them, and visit your website. The marketing efforts’ efficacy is evaluated using this data.

Ads that work

You may manage your advertising using to boost brand recognition. You may use this tool to connect your advertising to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, as well as Google. Here, you may design your advertising using tens of dozens of free advertising templates and AI-generated copy. You will receive an infinite number of captions and saved adverts.

In addition to the Ads templates, it will also give you a catchy title that highlights the salient features of a good or service. In, you will have limitless access to creating a picture and video ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Effective Ads

You can track your advertisements using Markopolo AI to ensure that customers remember your company. Your advertising may be connected to websites like Facebook, Instagram, as well as Google using this service. Here you may discover the countless free copy and ad templates Al creates. You may create your advertising using AI.


You may add quite so many captions and also save as many adverts as you like. In addition to templates, it also provides you with an original headline. And that highlights the core components of a good or service. You may create an unlimited number of pictures and video advertising for Facebook and Instagram with Markopolo ai.

Schedule and Sitback

This software will automatically create content plans for targeted paid marketing campaigns, A/B testing, etc. The Governance engine is useful for optimizing campaigns successfully. This technology will offer a push notification or even a customized social media ad that connects the customer directly to the item in order to increase consumer trust.

Markopolo AI Pricing and Plans

Markopolo AI comes with multiple pricing and plans. In fact, it has four different plans with different pricing. This tool offers both monthly and annual subscription opportunities. However, subscribing annual plan is more cost-effective than a monthly plan. Let’s look at this fantastic tool’s pricing and plans.

Markopolo AI Pricing and Plans

Plan Name Monthly Billing Annual Billing
Professional Plan $23/Month $19/Month
Team Plan $99/Month $83/Month
Business Plan $199/Month $166/Month
Enterprise Plan RFQ RFQ


Markopolo AI Lifetime deal at AppSumo

Markopolo AI is available on the AppSumo platform with a lifetime deal. You must pay the $199 every month if you wish to purchase the standard Business plan. However, Appsumo will offer you the greatest Markopolo AI package for just $69.00 over the course of your lifetime. Moreover, AppSumo offers two more plans for this tool. Let’s take a look at the Markopolo AI pricing and plan at AppSumo. AppSumo Lifetime Deal is a very cost-effective way to get different premium tools.

AppSumo Markopolo AI Pricing and Plans

Plan Name

Social and PPC



License Tier 1


5 Brands/ 3 Users


License Tier 2


15 Brands/ 10 Users


License Tier 3




Check Price

Wrap Up

You may increase the effectiveness of marketing expenditure with the aid of Markopolo. Conversion AI develops the most pertinent customer segments for your business using cutting-edge neural networks that have been trained on millions of data points. As time passes, these pieces grow better and better. So, if you are interested in using this tool on a long-term basis, then you should go for the AppSumo Markopolo Lifetime deal.

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