Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by Different Airlines 2023

Are you a current or former member of the military or a veteran? As a military or veteran member, you’re undoubtedly used to spending a lot of money on your flights. So, looking for cost-effective flight solutions? Do you ever hear that there are several airlines offering Discount flight military?

YES! You can get special discounts on flights if you are an active military member. Many airlines provide military personnel with flights. However, it will be a bit difficult to determine which airlines provide certain discounts. But here we are to cover you.

There are a lot of companies that devised a method for you to book them swiftly and conveniently online on our site, as well as analyze military prices from different airlines. Those companies provide flights from various airlines all around the world, as well as affordable military fares. Make sure you receive the greatest deal with the largest advantages for you!

Who Qualifies for Military Flight Discounts?

You are not the only person who is eligible for military discounts on flights. Airline discounts are available for active-duty service personnel, their families, and also even veterans. The military discounts to which you are eligible to change depending on whether you are on active duty, reserves, or even a veteran. So, let’s take a look at who can qualify for Discount flight military.

1.    Active Duty

All personnel who are actively serving their country on a full-time basis are considered to be on active duty. They may serve in any branch, such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine, Air Force, and others. Qualification for military discounts begins with enlistment and continues until the conclusion of duty.

2.    Veterans

Veterans are those who served in the military throughout the war and were dismissed on good terms. Individuals who were dishonorably dismissed are ineligible. Veterans keep their titles throughout life and are eligible for military discounts indefinitely. On Veterans Day, these people may also be eligible for free meals and other significant Military Flight Discounts that other service members do not enjoy.

3.    Reserves

Personnel in the military reserves stay on standby as well as respond when more forces are required. They can join any of the military services’ reserve forces or the Army Reserve. In any case, they finish all of the training, attend to the base when necessary, and otherwise stay at home anticipating the call. These people are eligible for military discounts as soon as they enroll.


Airlines that offer Discount Military Flight

Willing to know which airline offers what special flight discount for military members? Check this list of some of the best airlines offering military flight discounts.

American Airlines

American Airlines is the largest airline in the United States, and it is one of the safe airlines with outstanding mileage redemption choices. It provides flights to numerous places across the world and a range of ticket kinds to suit passengers of all budgets. This airline offers special discount military flights on:

  • 10% flight discount for military and veterans
  • Free check for up to 5 bags with 100 pounds each
  • Free pet travel allocation 

Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by American Airlines

Fare Discount

In select markets, American Airlines offers government and also military rates. Enrolling in VetRewards, as well as booking via Veterans Advantage, can save military veterans as well as their families 10% on airfares.

Baggage Discount

Active military personnel can check up to 5 baggage weighing up to 100 pounds for free while on orders. If you are traveling for any other purpose, active military personnel can check up to three baggage weighing up to 50 pounds each for free.

Free dogs traveling

Military and also police dogs used in the detection, security, and warfare must be indicated when booking the trip. Pet fees are waived for trained military dogs flying in the cabin, provided they are on official duty and also have valid documentation.


Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is honored to serve and defend those who serve and also protect us. This airline provides military discounts for active military members. They provide unique Military plans with Delta Vacations, pet travel, and other benefits.

  • Offer a special discount for military flight
  • 5 free checked baggage up to 100 pounds each
  • Free Military pet travel

Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by Delta Airlines

Fare Discount

Delta Airlines provides discounted flights for military orders as well as personal trips. They provide exceptional military discounts via Delta Vacations, allowing you to save up to $300.

Baggage Discount

Active-duty members of the United States Military are entitled to more complimentary bags than ordinary customers. When booking a flight, Delta Airlines provides a maximum of five free checked baggage weighing 100 pounds each. They also provide When traveling for pleasure, you can check up to two baggage for free at the cost of 50 pounds each.

Military Pet Travel

Delta Air will help all U.S. Military and their family members, including dogs, who fly. Animals are only accepted as checked baggage for active US military personnel. When traveling with active transfer orders, military members can carry their dogs as baggage for free.


Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is one of the largest and greatest airlines in the USA. The airline is ranked as the 5th largest in the USA, yet it is sometimes overlooked. This airline serves over 100 locations in the United States. This airline offers excellent military flight discounts for active military.

  • Special fare discount on airfares for military
  • Free check for first 5 baggage up to 70 Lbs each
  • Free entrance to the Alaska Lounge 
  • In-flight discount and Pet travel

Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by Alaska Airlines

Fare Discount

Alaska Airlines offers a special fare discount on airfares to military people who are Veterans Advantage members. Active-duty personnel and their dependents, and also veterans, Reserve members, and also National Guard are eligible for this military discount flights. The discount applies to flights departing from the USA and Canada.

Baggage Discount

This airline accommodates the first five luggage weighing up to 70 pounds for free. Then an extra $75 to $100 is charged for each additional bag.

Lounge Access

Alaska Airlines provides free entrance to the Alaska Lounge to active military members traveling on orders. The Alaska Lounge may be available at a variety of airports around the country, so check in before the flight.

In-Flight Discount

All military personnel, as well as their families, receive a 15% discount on meals ordered on an Alaska Airlines flight. Simply present your military identification card to receive this flight discount.

Pet Travel discount 

Trained service animals like dog travel at no cost with appropriate certification. They also provide a pet transport discount to active military personnel and their family on Alaska Air Cargo.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest is dedicated to making military travel as simple as possible, whether in and also out of uniform. They welcome all active-duty members of the military to fly with them and provide fantastic military airfare discounts. This airline offers different Military Flight Discounts including fare discounts, baggage discounts, and also pet travel opportunities.

  • Offer a 5% discount for military and veterans
  • Offer free baggage check opportunity
  • provides free transportation for trained dogs 

Fare Discount

Southwest provides a military discount on all flights. This airline provides a 5% flight fare discount for military and veterans. The percentage of this Military Flight Discounts will change from flight to flight as well as this discount is not a fixed percentage.

Baggage Discount

A military member who is on active duty receives exceptions. Additional baggage is not subject to a cost. The active-duty military member must present a current as well as a valid military identification card to get the exemption.

Pet Travel discount 

As a member of the military’s working dog team, military-trained dogs can travel on Southwest Airlines. A qualified military handler, as well as a trained canine, make up an MWDT. Southwest Airlines provides free transportation for dogs specializing in explosives or narcotics detection, as well as search and rescue dogs.

United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the largest and most popular airlines in the United States. This airline provides several incentives and military discounts on flights to active duty military personnel. They offer excellent flight discounts for military, a free Baggage acceptance allowance, as well as free pet travel.

  • 5% fare discount for military members
  • Lets you check up to 5 baggage for free
  • Lets the military carry their trained pets

Fare Discount

Military members with Veterans Advantage receive a 5% discount on tickets for United as well as United Express flights. Active duty military, Military veterans, National Guard as well as Reserve members, and also their families are eligible for this flight discounts for military. On united.com, eligible flights will be highlighted with a special offer signal.

Baggage Discount

Active-duty military personnel may check an additional bag for free, and dependents are also included. Active duty military members traveling on official business or pleasure are welcome to check extra luggage for free. Military dependents may be included in some situations.

Pet Travel discount 

When traveling on duty to and from overseas places, United Airlines permits active duty US military members to carry their pets. Active military personnel traveling on orders receive a reduction in handling costs as well as quicker check-in for all pets.

Lounge Access

Active military, as well as family members traveling on the same reservation, have free entrance to all United Club lounges. This airline offers active military personnel access to lounges both when on vacation and when traveling for pleasure. You must present your paperwork to obtain entry.

JetBlue Airline

JetBlue is one of the popular U.S. airlines that mostly serves the East Coast; however, it also serves the rest of the country and North America. It is well-known for its Mint Suites, which provide lie-flat bed services on premium routes. They constantly provide special military discounts on flights, airport help, and other one-of-a-kind services to veterans and also active military personnel.

  • Offer a 5% discount for military and family members
  • Let you check up to five baggage for free

Fare Discount

Active military personnel and their family get a 5% flight discounts for military. Veterans Advantage members can also access this 5% flight discount. They will also collect points for future travel based on their trips. Verify this eligibility for this discount on JetBlue travel by identifying yourself and providing your unique ID.

Baggage Discount

While on orders, active military personnel is entitled to a free baggage allocation of up to five checked bags. When traveling for other purposes, you can check up to two checked baggage for free.  Veteran’s Advantage members and active duty military can also check up to two baggage for free.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant is one of the low-cost airlines that operate across the United States—known for charging extra costs for almost everything, even your carry-on. As a result, military personnel will profit from displaying their ID cards while checking in. These savings are available to active-duty, reserve, and veteran military personnel.

  • Offer Free checkup for 2 bags up to 100 lbs each
  • Let you bring your pet and also cancel the ticket

Baggage Discount

Members of the military and their families who travel on the same booking are entitled to baggage privileges such as two free checked bags weighing up to 100 pounds, one carry-on item, and also one personal item.

Pet Travel

Allegiant Airline also allows the military to bring their pet into the cabin for free. Active military personnel is permitted to bring one pet into the accommodation for free. This free pet travel is valid for each and every flight.

Other Discounts

Military personnel and their qualified relatives will now be capable of printing their boarding cards for free at the airport. When changing flights results in a change in orders, active-duty and reserve personnel can avoid change or cancellation costs.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines, as the name suggests, is a Hawaii-based airline that serves the mainland United States as well as important Asian and also South Pacific destinations. This airline also offers military discounts on flights. Veterans Advantage members and active military personnel may take advantage of fantastic military discount flights through the VetRewards program.

  • Offer a 5% discount for veterans and military
  • Offer free baggage allowance for active military

Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by Hawaiian Airlines

Flight Discounts

As one of the reputed and reliable airlines, Hawaiian Airlines offers a 5% fare discount for veterans. This airline lets the veterans enrolled in VetRewards access this Military Flight Discounts. Remember that active-duty military personnel can also be eligible to join in Veteran’s Advantage, so don’t assume that this 5% discount is just available to veterans.

Baggage Discounts

Hawaiian Airlines provides free baggage allowance for active military members. Active-duty military members can check up to five baggage. If you are going for leisure, you are still eligible for two free checked baggage, but your family is not. Hawaiian Airlines does not provide veterans with free checked baggage.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is another cost-effective airline option in North America. This airline offers extremely affordable airfare than others. Since they offer low-cost fares, they don’t offer any discount on military flights. However, they offer other advantages for military members.

Exclusive Military Flight Discounts by Spirit Airlines

Baggage Discount

Spirit Airlines lets you check two free baggage and bring one free carry-on if you’re an active military member and on active duty. Unfortunately, your family members are not eligible for further benefits.  You can utilize the online verification method to verify your military status and also get free checked baggage before arriving at the airport.

The FAQs

What airlines give discounts to Military?

There are lots of Airlines in the United States, and most of them offer discount flight military. Here we discussed some of the best airlines that offer excellent benefits for military members. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are some of the best airlines that offer military flight discounts.

Can you get a military discount on a flight?

The military is one of the most valuable parts of any country. They serve the country with their highly valuable services. They also get different advantages from different sectors of a country. Military members can get exclusive military discount flights to offer on a flight from different airlines.

Do military spouses get cheaper flights?

It is a frequently asked question, do military spouses get cheaper flights? In a simple world, it only depends on the airline company. While some airlines offer fare discount for both military and their family member, other does not! So, you have to check the terms and conditions of the airlines to ensure it.

Do you have to show proof of military discount?

There are different airlines offering discount flight military. Military personnel who want to avail of the discounts must submit their military Identification card to the checkout operator as evidence of service. This acts as convincing proof that they are eligible for the price reduction.

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