PerkZilla Lifetime Deal(2023) With Appsumo. Best Marketing Platform Using Targeted Campaigns

PerkZilla Lifetime Deal

Perkzilla is a powerful, sophisticated marketing platform giving your brand on upper hand against the ultra competitive marketplace with targeted campaigns and automation tools.

What is Perkzilla and how it works?

PerkZilla Lifetime Deal

Through Perkzilla, you can use your existing audience and produce new leads at every stage of the growth phase. It has powerful and dynamic automation capabilities by which you can keep people engaged while scaling. You can grow your social presence with posts by awarding points per action your visitors take; measure the performance of campaigns with referral programs to increase traffic to websites. Perkzilla has tone of templates and also previews your forms, widgets and landing pages in real time on your mobile/desktop. You can point and click to change background pictures, color schemes, and layouts; and test your campaign before making it live to see if it’s according to your performance. Automates your participant emails and prizes. Identifies your top customers and lets you discover what products the most results. Gather valuable feedback and increase brand loyalty. Reawarding users grow your brand.

Unbiased PerkZilla Review:

We know viral content has a powerful way of creating more traffic to your pages, content and campaigns.

Perkzilla offers the idea of granting rewards such as products, coupons, discounts, and other goodies in exchange for the management system of referring other people to your website. With your business as our sole purpose in mind, we know the advantage of networking.

Out of several okay-ish leads, we get a few amazing customers who spread the word and get your brand into somewhat of a sensation to a group of people. This platform utilizes just that, but on technical ground.

As a result, generating viral traffics becomes easier making your campaign a hit. The software allows you to use the power of mouth refferals using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

From the incredible features, 6 campaigns are active in Perkzilla which are:

  • Run a contest
  • Run a giveaway
  • Start a waitlist of early access
  • Get users to Refer a friend
  • Create social awareness
  • Drive more traffic

All you need is to select one or more tempting rewards to offer to the tourists who will refer their friends to your content or product or webpage. Perkzilla then trails the referrals and instantly provides rearward that your guests earn.

Unlike other services, they don’t bound you to templates, which is why you can attach a viral referral using a line of code only. This makes PerkZilla a platform for service-providers, start-ups, product-lauunchers, or even homemakers who want s little extra cash.

The best thing about online platforms like PerkZilla is that they have a team that keeps working for you 24/7 despite whatever you are doing. You also get perks like their bounds videos of “Viral Marketing Secrets” coaching programs for free that they usually sell for $197.

Product Design and Quality:

What you need from branding platforms are useful features that will let you create unlimited viral campaigns. Their software has to be incredibly easy to set up without hassle of learning configurations and spending big bucks on tech experts.

Luckily, with Perkzilla, you don’t need design and IT team. It takes 5 minutes to set up and fully customize your campaign if you have the right software. PerkZilla integrates directly via API and offers a universal integrated fallback if required.

The software also comes with a unique customizable features called “Trigger Emails” that is sent automatically when the predetermined referral number hits. Perkzilla contains a dozen pre-loaded and customized messages for giveaways, website launches, and more.

Besides, they included sales pages, lead pages, contents, and many more. There are a lot of sides to PerkZilla besides being a referral marketing software. The biggest advantage that PerkZilla offers you is that you don’t need hours of monitoring for your campaign after setting up.

PerkZilla has an autopilot mode for this purpose which is free of cost. Just offer rewards, let your visitors know and PerkZilla will handle the rest! Use the data reporting panel to track the performance of your campaigns.

Pros of Using PekZilla:

  • The dashboard is built-in & user friendly
  • Operators on any platform
  • Features comprehensive help with tutorials
  • Generates 100% social traffic
  • Integrates automatically with top AutoResponder Service
  • Works without internet
  • Advance Fraud Detection
  • Allows Pixel Tracking & Google Analytics

PerkZilla Review: Final Words:

We are aware that there are other platforms on the market with cooler displays and more affordable budgets, but we recommend PerkZilla based on its compatibility, flexibility and different types of campaigns available under one platform.

While other platforms force you to use their templates or promote on media, Perkzilla lets you do your thing independently. The best part for me is that I don’t need a degree in computers for building my business, unlike what the rest of the world claims

And this is why, I would recommend PerkZilla as a software that is consumer-friendly, effective and customizable.

Finally, We see that PerkZilla is an additional notable turning points for people who enjoy viral traffic. PerkZilla offers complete opportunities to uncover about your business plans and gives you the correct amount of promotion.

PerkZilla Pricing :

  • License Tier 1
  • One-time purchase of $59 License Tier 2
  • One-time purchase of $129 License Tier 3
  • One-time purchase of $249
  • All features
  • 10,000 participants
  • 5 websites
  • 1 teammates
  • Light branding All features
  • 50,000 participants
  • 25 websites
  • 2 teammates
  • Remove PerkZilla branding
  • White label widgets and forms All features
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited websites
  • 5 teammates
  • Remove PerkZilla branding
  • White label widgets and forms
  • 5 Starter Plan sub-accounts (with remove branding)

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