TeliportMe Virtual Tours Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal At $79

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Virtual tours seem to be more widely used than ever, as well as content creators across sectors are including them. Whether you specialize in hospitality, retailing, or real estate, allowing potential customers to browse without getting up from their sofa is a major plus. If you are looking for the best virtual tour maker tool, TeliportMe Virtual Tours is the best solution for you.

This package includes capturing applications for both android and iOS that enable a complete process for 360-degree virtual tours. It enables you to build beautiful 360° virtual tours that directly attract people to your business. In this article, I’m going to discuss everything about this powerful and versatile tool. So, continue reading this article and get the best Lifetime Deal!

What is TeliportMe?

TeliportMe Virtual Tours is a versatile tool that helps to create a virtual tour. With the help of this solution, consumers and clients may easily get the information they need without having to leave their current environment. Most 360-degree cameras are compatible with the platform, so you can start using it right away by uploading directly from your 360-degree camera.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

With capturing applications for both Android and iOS systems, this virtual tour technology offers the whole workflow for a 360-degree panoramic photo for virtual tours. It is a fantastic tool for companies who want to present their goods and also services in a distinctive and interesting way.

It is one of the greatest virtual tour tools for hosting high-resolution footage, integration with top 360 ° cameras, and specialized mobile applications. By clearly expressing the marketing information to the consumers, it may significantly boost the whole sales approach. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful and versatile tool.

What is virtual tours?

A virtual tour is a collection of panoramic pictures that have been “stitched” together to provide the viewer a “virtual” tour of any given site. Once it is developed, the spectator might feel as though they are somewhere that they are not. They might use their desktop or laptop, computers, tablets, or even mobile devices to see this virtual experience.

virtual tours

The usage of additional multimedia components like music, audio effects, floor layouts, etc. is also an option. They aid in generating an accurate portrayal of reality. When costs, time, or logistical considerations are a problem for people, virtual tours aid in giving views to inaccessible regions and offer a fantastic and engaging substitute for fieldwork.

Businesses may simply build a visual picture of their institution using virtual tour software, allowing potential consumers to view it before visiting. Particularly in the property investment and hotel sectors, this tour is a fantastic method to differentiate a business from competitors.

TeliportMe Key Features

High-Resolution Images

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

The foundation of effective marketing is high-resolution imagery. The highest resolution material is supported by TeliportMe without any compression. You won’t ever have to be concerned about fuzzy photographs again thanks to our plans, which have a better resolution of roughly 32K. Virtual tours will look better as a result of each image being clear and sharp as it should be.

High-Quality Green Screen Videos

You will be able to advance your virtual tour with high-definition Green Screen Videos. With only a few clicks, you can add videos or animations to your 3D tour to provide your consumers with an immersive experience thanks to this tool’s cutting-edge technology.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

To provide you with the greatest graphics possible, the green screen videos may be shot using the best equipment. Your virtual tour will stand out from the crowd thanks to this special feature.

Embed Video Links

Want to demonstrate your items in-depth to consumers while sharing tales about them? This virtual tour creation tool provides the greatest 360o views available online, complete with integrated music and films. Using a cutting-edge embedding capability that doesn’t necessitate understanding HTML code.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Without having any technical experience, you can easily include images, audio, video, floor plans, 360-degree films, and 3D images into any website. This tool also provides frame customization so you can make your tale unique.

Background Music

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Employing appropriate music may help you connect with your audience and frequently increase engagement. While someone is on the tour, you may play soothing music or educational audio about the place. You may provide common background audio to the entire virtual tour in addition to providing unique audio to individual media pieces.

Polygon Content Hubs

Why exert effort with a point-and-click user interface? With the Polygon Hotspot, you may put an end to the days of time wasting. To make the shape, simply click all around the item; an automatically formed clickable area will appear. Using the Polygon Hotspot, you may increase clicks by up to 100%. By making shapes increasingly engaging and adding hotspots, you can quickly increase conversion rates.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

The clickable form will be automatically generated for you once you click around the item to build the major nodes. You can also display your clients’ dynamic infographics, photo galleries, as well as slideshows thanks to this form.

Magic Embed

Magic particularly in the initial image-based storytelling is embedded panoramas, which combine the usability of 2D films with the interactive experience of 360 virtual tours. They may be inserted anywhere and function similarly to an interactive image or video.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

This feature makes them ideal for narrative because they appear to be a portion of the 360-degree panoramas themselves. These animated panoramic, which will give you the impression that you’re actually there in the scene, are the future of interactive storytelling.

Customizable Welcome Screen

A decent corporate welcome screen should feature a variety of regions to make it easy for customers to move about a space. It may also include comprehensive floor plans, which provide viewers with complete control over their own walkthroughs since they are completely interactive.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

With the help of TeliportMe, viewers may access connectivity among panoramic photos, take a virtual tour that advances to a greater level, and incorporate other media into the tours.

Virtual Host

Tours can have a virtual host added to them to increase client engagement; the virtual host aids the customer in navigating the virtual tour. TeliportMe has created all the finer settings that enable you to smoothly incorporate Avatars into a virtual tour; these functions similarly to a tourist guide in a museum.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

The top left, right side, bottom left, as well as bottom right of the screen are all possible locations for the avatar to appear. The avatar will then emerge from a random direction or rotation after you choose the desired position.

Password Protection

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Password-protected virtual tours may be quite beneficial for your projects. This is an excellent method to use if you want to provide a client a sample at various stages. It’s recommended to keep the project password-protected until you’re ready to release it publicly after completion. This prevents anyone from seeing your private information.

Ecommerce Functionalities

This virtual tour creator tool offers your items in a virtual store with all of the characteristics of a physical store but without the overhead expenses to engage with customers on a deeper level. An eCommerce website is the best option for a smooth consumer experience.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Like a regular online business, it provides clients with a fluid and engaging experience. But it also gives consumers a sense of being in the actual store, which increases their likelihood of making a purchase from your business.

Lead Generation


Put an end to squandering both money and time marketing your trips. Give your virtual tour a call-to-action widget to start generating leads right now! Utilize web marketing’s capacity to create a lead-generation strategy that turns prospects into clients. Incorporate a call-to-action button to increase lead generation with only one click on your virtual tour. Utilize our Zapier to connect the widget to every CRM product you own.

Chatbot Integration

One of the most effective marketing tools for customer care, sales, and lead creation are live chatbots. Permit them to communicate with the interactive chatbot that appears when they arrive. They are able to ask inquiries, and real-time responses are provided.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours

Additionally, chatbots are natively linked with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, giving users the option to utilize their chosen chat channel for the quickest answer.

TeliportMe Pricing and Plans

Now it is time to talk about the pricing and plans of the amazing virtual tour creation software. This software comes with very simple and straightforward pricing and plans. This tool offers 3 different plans with different pricing with dedicated features for each plan. Each and every plan is available with both monthly and yearly billing options.

TeliportMe Pricing and Plans

Essential plan

The most cost-effective plan is the Essential plan which is available at $25 per month or $252 per year. This plan features Unlimited storage capacity, 25 live tours, 16K maximum resolution, 1 brand, and 30Mb maximum panorama size for 1 User. The Essential plan is best for personal or individual using purposes.

Business plan

The Business plan is another cost-effective plan which is available at $35per month or $348 per year. This plan features Unlimited storage capacity, 50 live tours, 32K maximum resolution, 5 brands, and 100Mb maximum panorama size for 3 Users. The Business plan also offers Magic Embeds and also Virtual host features.

Agency Plan

The agency Plan is suitable and best for larger agencies or companies. To make it simple for marketing agencies and resellers to offer sub-accounts or services, this plan was particularly designed for them. The agency plan is available at $399 per month or $3,996 per year.

TeliportMe AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Although TeliportMe Virtual Tours software costs a minimal money, it will cost you a lot for yearly use. So, what if you decide to use this tool for multiple years? It will break your bank! No! Not really because AppSumo is here. YES! AppSumo offers a lifetime deal for this software at an affordable price.

TeliportMe Pricing and Plans

In fact, AppSumo offers several packages with different pricing options. Each and every package comes with a lifetime license and has dedicated features and functionalities. The pricing is starting from $79 which is really affordable compared to the official website.

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TeliportMe AppSumo Lifetime Deal Features

  • HD panoramas (up to 30MB each)
  • Customized embed design
  • Unlimited interactive links
  • iOS and Android app PRO versions
  • Unlimited videos, images, and sound
  • 360 camera integrations
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited embed views
  • Access to training programs

Get TeliportMe Lifetime Deal

Wrap Up

TeliportMe is a top-notch virtual tour solution that may help you increase sales and manage your most priceless assets more effectively. You may develop and market virtual tours using the platform’s variety of features and capabilities, which are simple to use.

A great feature is an option to track as well as manage your visits online, and customer service is first-rate. Overall, I heartily endorse TeliportMe to anybody searching for a platform for virtual tours. So, Grub this AppSumo Lifetime Deal and enjoy!

The FAQs

What is a 360-degree virtual tour?

A 360 Virtual Tour is made up of several 360-degree panoramic spinning photos that have been “stitched” together to provide a complete, 360-degree perspective of a place. To provide a visually compelling experience for the spectator, a tour is put together using specialized cameras, lenses, technologies, as well as methodologies.

What does panorama Photo mean in photography?

A panoramic image is one with a field of vision that is around 160° by 75°, or one that is larger than that of the visual system. This often indicates that the image has a ratio of 2:1 or above, meaning that it is at least twice as broad as it is tall. The generated pictures resemble a long strip.


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