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Typedesk Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal At $69

Typedesk Review

In this Typedesk review, I’m going to explore one of the best-prefabricated response solutions. You’re fed up with repeatedly sending the very same email. It takes a lot of time, and you can’t always type up a fresh message. Consider having a platform that enables your whole staff to easily compose personalized messages, arrange them into categories, as well as send them with a single click.

You may customize this tool’s placeholders as well as variables to produce customized scripted answers for various leads and clients. It is designed to be really quick so you won’t waste time typing up and organizing all of your communications. Additionally, it provides your whole team with the tools necessary to easily create, manage, and distribute customized automated answers.

You will be able to send tailored messages more quickly and in a consistent tone that fosters trust, whether your team manages social media, marketing, or customer service. You may continuously adjust and monitor changes to your scheduled answers using alerts and sharing permissions. Continue browsing this article to know all the facts about this tool.

What is TypeDesk?

With the help of Typedesk, your entire staff can easily design, organize, and deliver personalized communications. You may easily customize messages as well as design formats using this tool. You may make customized scripted answers for each of your leads and also clients by using the tool’s movable placeholders and variables.

Typedesk Review

As a result, when you send an email, your receivers are aware that they are at the proper spot. You may include dynamic material, such as time and date stamps and details about your goods. The greatest users of this potent technology are customer service teams, managers of social media as well as agencies looking to streamline client communications.

TypeDesk Key Features

This powerful tool comes with several excellent and advanced features. Let’s take a look at the key features of this versatile tool.

Invite your Team

Typedesk serves more people than just you. Your team can be invited to this tool. Therefore, you won’t really have to create and maintain several Typedesk accounts. It will be very helpful for you if you are a corporation or team. These pre-written replies will be available to any member of your team, enabling them to help clients with ease.

Create Folder

You may group your templates into different folders using this versatile Finding an exact template might be quite difficult both for you and the members of the team when you have a lot of templates. Your group members will discover the templates as well as utilize them with ease if they are arranged in folders.

Add Variables

This is most likely Typedesk’s most potent feature. Your templates can include variables. You must repeatedly enter the recipient’s name while sending emails. But as of right now, you don’t have to. It is possible to add variables to it, and the variables will take the data on their own.

Quick Response

Let’s say you are certain about the prefabricated answer you want to use. To rapidly enter your canned response anywhere, this software provides Quick Response shortcuts. Once you’ve linked a fast response shortcut to a prepared answer, you can simply write the fast response shortcut preceded by a colon in any text box to insert the related canned responses. You’ll save a ton of time with that approach.


When selecting any tools, I always make sure I can utilize them across several platforms. You may access all of your prepared replies with this powerful software from any computer. All of your replies are continuously synced and backed up by this tool.

How Does Typedesk Work?

Your team gains superpowers with this versatile tool that allow them to work more quickly and communicate with clients, prospects, and other audiences more effectively. Let’s take a look at how this tool work and how you can get started with this tool.

Install Application

This canned replies tool offers an application for both windows and MAC operating systems that makes it easy to use this tool. So, download this application first to get started with this versatile tool. After downloading the application to your computer, open it and then install the software.

How Does Typedesk Work

This tool also offers extensions for different search engines like google chrome and Firefox. So, you can install this extension to your browser and then sign-up to get started. Everything is super easy!

Create canned responses

This tool’s editor provides familiar formatting choices along with unique variables for building robust templates. You may add text or choose variables, for example, providing your agent personalization choices to produce the ideal scripted reply.

How Does Typedesk Work

Now that fast shortcuts have been set to the replies, you may utilize these responses with ease in other programs. If the application where you wish to upload the response doesn’t enable it, just search for it in the app, copy it by pressing “Enter,” and then paste it in the other application.

Typedesk Pricing and Plan

Now it is time to talk about the pricing and plans of this powerful canned response software. This tool comes with simple and straightforward pricing and plans. This tool comes with two plans; free and premium plan. You may utilize TypeDesk free version, which offers 10 prepared replies each month, for free. However, the free plan has several limitations in terms of features and functionalities.

Typedesk Pricing and Plan

You can subscribe to the premium subscription for just $8 per month or $60 per year for a single seat if you want a lot more features. That means if you are willing to purchase a premium plan with 2 seats, you have to pay $16 per month or $120 per year. When you consider the features and everything TypeDesk offers, the $5 is quickly won back.

Typedesk AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Typedesk facilitates speedier collaboration by allowing you and also your team to manage and easily access prefabricated replies wherever you work. You can purchase the premium subscription of this tool from the official website at a reasonable price with both monthly and yearly billing. However, the tool will cost you a lot to use in the long term. So, looking for an affordable solution?

Typedesk AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Fortunately, AppSumo gives this opportunity to purchase this plan with a lifetime deal at an affordable price. Yes! Typedesk AppSumo Lifetime Deal is available at an affordable price. Now you can purchase this tool from AppSumo and can use lifetime for only $69.

Typedesk Lifetime Deal at $69

However, if you need multiple seats, AppSumo also brings this opportunity. AppSumo offers you a Double plan with 50 seats for only $138 with lifetime access. So, if you need this tool for personal use then the SINGLE plan is the best option for you. On the other hand, the DOUBLE plan is best for an agency or a team.

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Wrap Up

With the help of Typedesk, your entire staff can easily design, manage, and deliver personalized communications. If you frequently find yourself sending the same response or email, this tool can help you save a ton of time.

You may use it to express gratitude to clients for their patronage or to inform them of exclusive offers they might have skipped. For customer support managers who need extra time throughout the day to concentrate on other activities like sales or employ additional personnel, it’s the ideal tool.

Get Typedesk Lifetime Deal

The FAQs

What does canned text mean?

With the use of canned messages, you may rapidly respond to typical requests or recurring queries from your clients. They enable you to respond more quickly by employing a predetermined textual pattern.

Is Typedesk Free to Use?

Typedesk is a versatile tool that you and your entire team can use to create, maintain, and use prewritten replies. This tool comes with 2 plans; a Free plan and a Premium plan. The free plan is totally free to use, and you don’t have to pay any cost to use it.

How much does Typedesk cost?

Typedesk comes with two plans; free and premium plan. It also offers simple and straightforward pricing. The premium plan is available in both monthly and yearly billing options. You have to pay $8 per month or $60 per year for a single seat. If you want to buy 2 seats, you have to pay $16/Mo or $120/Yr.

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